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Tuesday Fit Challenge

Make a Date Out of Exercise

Saturday Zac and I needed a date! We both feel that it’s super important to get away from everyday life and focus on each other for a couple hours each week. This weeks date was SUPER fun! We headed out on our bikes¬† to our favorite burger joint BIG JUDS! They have hamburgers the size of your head and fresh cut french fries (YUM)! Yes I eat burgers and fry’s! It was about 30 miles there so we were defiantly ready to pound a BIG JUD MEAL DEAL. We finished off the burger, no problem (we did ask for extra veggies ;)! What I forgot to think about as I was pigging out is the ride home. We had to climb a hill as step as my face, I thought I was going to vomit. We made it to the top and pushed the rest of the way. We got our date in, exercise, and yummy food all in the matter of a couple hours ;) Mission accomplished!

I challenge you to go on a date this week and have it be filled with physical activities!



Tuesday Fit Challenge


sugar sugar sugar sugar

I know I know, I’ve already done this challenge. This is one that I need to revisit for the one-millionth time. Sugar is so hard to moderate, it seems like I struggle constantly with it. Its all or nothing for me. So here is the challenge I’m doing and you are more then welcome to join me. There are only about 4 weeks of school left here in the big state of Idaho and I’ve committed to a buddy (not naming names ;) that I will not have any sugar until schools out!!!!

If you wanna join me make a comment and I will hold you accountable! Now there really aren’t any strict rules your the judge! So what you call sugar can be different then what I consider sugar. Here are my personal goals, no packaged sugar, no re-find white sugar, that simple. I’m allowed honey, Stevia, natural sugars, you get the idea.

So I’ve made it a whole 4 days so far. You might be wondering how I’m feeling and how it’s going…not bad. Defiantly have had some strong cravings but have trumped them ;) My go to treats are pure Crystal Light (my fave is grape) and berries. They seem to satisfy me.

BTW if you take on the challenge make sure you have a reward set, you defiantly will deserve it! Mine is new shoes of course. LOL

Tuesday Fit Challenge

I dare you…

Go ahead, be healthy and happy. The two really do go hand in hand, but we lose sight of this simple fact because so many of us get stuck in ruts. We get busy or bored and lose track of who we are and what we truly want. So, I want to challenge you to you to revisit some of those areas that can help you refine your health habits, workout routine and your looks.¬† Change is always good right? Not changing will certainly hold you back-especially when it comes to your weight, body and confidence. With that, look for one thing-even a little thing-to shake up your life-get a gym membership, journal your diet, sign-up for a race. Are you chicken…cluck cluck cluck?

What are you....chicken?

Tuesday Fit Challenge

Partial Reps

Try It Today

Looking for a way to increase strength? Add partial reps to the end of each set-lowering the weight halfway from the top of a rep or lifting halfway from the bottom.


Tuesday Fit Challenge

100 pushup plan

Okay girls and boys are you ready for today’s challenge? Here goes…I want you to do 100 push-ups! Yikes, that’s a lot of push-ups! My goal is to perform all “boy” push-ups but I want you to do girl if that will help you take on the challenge! I don’t expect you to do them all in one time slot. I’m going to do 15 at a time so I keep good form and get the full benefit of a push-up.

Pushups are one of the oldest and most basic exercises and they are very effective. They work out all the muscles in the upper body and build optimal strength in the forearms, wrists, upper arms, shoulders and chest. Pushups push the body toward physical exertion. In addition to building strength, they force the heart to work harder and the blood to pump faster. This increases metabolism and helps you burn more calories. The benefit of the pushup is still felt hours after the exercise is done.

Doing pushups on a regular basis will make you stronger and improve your overall conditioning. However, it will also increase your confidence. You will find that doing pushups in sets of 25, 50 and 100 will build massive arm and upper body strength. Do it regularly and you will build as much strength as the guys who spend hours in the gym. This will give you tremendous pride in your accomplishment and the confidence that comes with achievement.

Women typically have less upper body strength than men. While there has been an increase in womens’ weightlifting, many women are not comfortable lifting barbells and heavy dumbbells. Pushups can be the great equalizer. Women who do pushups can quickly build strength in the chest, upper arms, forearms and wrists. Doing three sets of 10 to 15 pushups is a great starting point for women who want to get stronger.

In addition to building upper body strength and gaining more power in the arms, shoulders and hands, pushups done with the proper form will help build the core musclesin the middle of your body. To do pushups properly, your elbows must be fully extended at the start and end of a pushup, your toes should be on the floor and your legs, hips and back should be straight.


1. Who’s in??
2. Are you going to do them all in one shot or break them up?
3. Are you doing girls or boys?

Tuesday Fit Challage

No Soda Pop

I know your probably thinking what the heck, Jeralyn drinks soda, that’s the biggest No-No. I know, I know, I know, for the life of me I can’t stop! I have a Diet Coke at least once a day, its my treat, what can I say. My husband looks at me funny as I pop my multivitamin in my mouth then wash it down with a swig of Diet Coke. So who’s with me, it’s only for a day…it will be the longest day of my life. If your not a soda drinker try and increase your H2O today and see if you feel any different.


1. Who’s going to try for a day?

2. Do you drink soda?

3. If so whats your fave?


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