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Monday Fit Workout

I’ve been doing this workout every Wednesday and boy does it kick butt! I got the idea from Jackie Warner interview in Fitness magazine, she said that she does this when she feels like she has hit a plateau. The object is to perform each exercise 100x’s as fast as you can (with proper form). Write down your time so next time you do the workout you can try and beat your time. The weight should be heavy enough to only perform 12-15 before you need to rest. You go tell you can’t and you go when you can. There is no set time for rest.

You can add some variation to this workout, I would perform 100 of an exercise then do cardio for 10 minutes, alternating between the two until I had completed all the exercises. This is a great way to get your heart rate up and continue to burn while you lift. Also, this workout is super easy to perform at home, I did it in my basement with a couple hand weights. I did push-ups instead of chest press, regular sit-ups, and bridges. You get the idea, just try and hit each body part 100x’s!



1. Who’s going to give it a try?

Monday Fit Workout

12 Moves in 20 Minutes


I know that all of us have access to a gym to workout, so this workout is dedicated to you ;0 If you’ve gotten bored with your old workout favorites like lunges and push-ups, use this guide to spice up your workout. You only need one set of 12-pound free weights (although feel free to bump it down if you’re a beginner, and always be sure to work to your comfort level).  Perform each exercise 20 times, taking breaks as needed. You may have to work up to 20 reps, as well as work up to finishing the program in less than 20 minutes. Happy Sweating!

It may PAIN you to continue but it HURTS much worse to STOP

Demonstration of Exercises


1. Any of these exercise moves can be modified.

2. Put all these exercises on a strip of paper then place in bowl, draw one out at a time, so you never know whats next plus it adds variety to your workout.

Questions:(answer by leaving a comment)

1. Do you workout at home or the gym?

I workout both, if I had enough equipment at home I would prefer to train at home always.

2. Why are your concerns with owning a gym membership?

3. Are you more motivated at the gym or home to workout hard?

I workout harder at home, not as many distractions.


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