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Monday Fit Workout

I did this bicep workout today, it kicked my butt! There were some new moves I’ve never done before. I really liked the drag curls, it forced you to have your bicep contracted. By the end of this workout I was toast, just the way I like it ;)


Tuesday Fit Challenge

Pump the Iron

In order to maximize lean mass, stick with simple strength training exercises for your major muscles, like squats, lunges, bench presses, and triceps dips. You want to move heavy to build muscle, lift weight you can only do 8-10 reps with.

heavy lifting myth

Friday Fit Advice


flat stomach tips

Most of us all yearn for a smaller stomach, we all know exercise and cutting calories are musts. But new research also shows certain foods have waist-shrinking properties. Here are 5 tummy tamers to add to your diet:

1. Canola Oil

Brazilian researchers say people who incorporate canola oil into their diet gained nearly 20 percent less fat in and around the organs of the belly. Canola oil is high in omega-3 content and lowers insulin levels, ultimately discouraging fat storage in the abdomen.

2. Beans (my favorite)

Not only can switching beats for meat help your heart, the magical little things can do more! A Diabetic Medicine study showed that a diet consuming more beans was most effective at blasting belly fat and stimulating weight loss. Beans can burn more deep abdominal fat, as well as that extra layer just under the skin (you know what I’m talking about ;).

3. Whole Grains (next fave)

When a research group conducted a study of people who only consumed whole grains for their grain serving, they melted significant abdominal fat. Fiber in whole grains defiantly deserve credit, but whole grains are also rich in magnesium and a mineral instrumental in regulating fat metabolism.

4. Red Peppers (orange are my favorite)

Studies show peoples diets that contain high amounts of beta carotene and lycopene (phytochemicals that make carrots orange and give red peppers and tomatoes their brilliant hue) had the smallest waists and the least abdominal fat. Researches think they absorb harmful compounds that promote fat storage. Peppers are also loaded with vitamin C, a nutrient needed for fat burning.

5. Low-fat Milk (chocolate YUMMO)

We all know milk helps us build strong bones, but to loose at your waistline and gain calorie burning lean muscle you may need to eat more. Journal of Nutrition shows dieters who ate 30 percent of calories from protein, including six to seven daily servings of dairy, chiseled off more belly and total fat and gained more lean muscle than those who only cut back their calories but ate less protein dairy.

Thursday Fit Question

How do you keep junk food cravings at bay?

A new study shows that frequent meals are the surest way to fend off strong cravings for junk food. Brain-imaging scans showed that when glucose levels drop, the prefrontal cortex loses its ability to blunt the desire for high-calorie foods, leading to urges that can feel uncontrollable. Nutrient-dense whole foods, including fruit, vegetables, and lean meat are the healthiest way to keep blood-sugar levels steady without any dramatic spikes.

My daily regimen is breakfast at 7:30 a.m., snack at 10 a.m., lunch at 12 p.m., another snack at 3 p.m., dinner at 5 p.m. and finally another treat at 7 p.m. If I skip any of these meals I inevitably end up eating something I wished I hadn’t. Stay in front of your hunger with healthy foods and you won’t be tempted next time by the ding-dongs.

Junk food does

Tuesday Fit Challenge

I dare you…

Go ahead, be healthy and happy. The two really do go hand in hand, but we lose sight of this simple fact because so many of us get stuck in ruts. We get busy or bored and lose track of who we are and what we truly want. So, I want to challenge you to you to revisit some of those areas that can help you refine your health habits, workout routine and your looks.  Change is always good right? Not changing will certainly hold you back-especially when it comes to your weight, body and confidence. With that, look for one thing-even a little thing-to shake up your life-get a gym membership, journal your diet, sign-up for a race. Are you chicken…cluck cluck cluck?

What are you....chicken?

Friday Get Fit Advice

Weight-loss Vs. Weight-maintenance

There is a natural tendency to think about losing and keeping weight off are two completely distinct processes and phases. What I’ve learned from personal experience is that most of the diet and activity strategies that helped you lose are the same ones that help you keep the weight off. If you think of the statement it makes perfect sense. If we lose weight by following one strategy, and then go back to our old habits, we will invariable regain the weight. So weight loss is actually about continuing those practices.

That is why it is SO important to choose a realistic weight loss plan, not some fad, that you can’t incorporate into a regular every day lifestyle. Weight-loss is all about forming good habits and dealing with the bad ones, not on following a “diet”.

Here are 3 important lessons:

1. Develop habits (willpower is over-rated!)

2. Manage your personal environment.

3. Don’t live in deprivation.


-Robert Collner

Over time I have found ways to eat healthy food I love in portions that satisfy me. I have learned to form routines that allow habits like daily exercise to become automatic, not functions of discipline. I have learned to stop fighting temptation by avoiding it altogether (don’t buy the cookies and chips).

One of the challenges of maintaining a weight loss is ts we still live in a food-centric culture that constantly tempts us with occasions to eat. We live in a world that wants us to sit, not move around. This environment is hard and one of the reasons why long term weight management can be a challenge. It makes dealing with weight a constant battle.

Dealing with weight loss requires a strategy that starts in our minds. It requires effort and persistence, but there is not one of us who is not ultimately up to the challenge. We can all learn to master our environment and to take control over our relationship with food and activity. In short, we can each aspire to become our own weight-loss boss.

Monday Fit Workout

I’ve been doing this workout every Wednesday and boy does it kick butt! I got the idea from Jackie Warner interview in Fitness magazine, she said that she does this when she feels like she has hit a plateau. The object is to perform each exercise 100x’s as fast as you can (with proper form). Write down your time so next time you do the workout you can try and beat your time. The weight should be heavy enough to only perform 12-15 before you need to rest. You go tell you can’t and you go when you can. There is no set time for rest.

You can add some variation to this workout, I would perform 100 of an exercise then do cardio for 10 minutes, alternating between the two until I had completed all the exercises. This is a great way to get your heart rate up and continue to burn while you lift. Also, this workout is super easy to perform at home, I did it in my basement with a couple hand weights. I did push-ups instead of chest press, regular sit-ups, and bridges. You get the idea, just try and hit each body part 100x’s!



1. Who’s going to give it a try?


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