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Thursday Fact Vs. Myth

You should wear lighter shoes when running on a treadmill.


Brooks Pure Cadence Running Shoe. Best minimalist shoe for overpronators!

These are the minimalist shoes I want!

If you have lighter shoes, yes. Your joints and limbs require less cushioning as a treadmill absorbs shock far better than the road. Some shoe companies offer models specifically designed for ‘mill use, with less internal cushioning (especially at the forefoot and toes) and more external ventilation (to counter the heat-producing friction of TM belts). Or just switch out your heavyweight kicks for lightweight trainers or minimalist shoes. I run with my old shoes when I run on the treadmill cause I need less support and keep my newer shoes for when I run on the road ;)


1. Do you run in minimalist shoes?

2. What is your favorite shoe to run in?

Monday Fit Workout


Cardio-love it or hate it? Honestly, I love cardio! This is a fun HITT workout done on the treadmill. Pick any speed you want on the treadmill, I usually pick a running pace. Run for 40 seconds and hop off. Durning those 20 seconds of ‘rest’ increase the incline by 1 percent. Continue this pattern: 40 on 20 off, increasing the incline by 1 each ‘rest’ period all the way until you’re at an incline of 15 percent. Then work your way back down until you’re at an incline of 0 percent again. It will kill you but you will feel SO good when you have accomplished it! And it’s one of those HITT routines that you don’t really have to think with or keep track of anything, just make sure you move the incline each time you hop off!

I love this!

Monday Fit Workout

Treadmill Tempo #4

My goal when I run a tempo is to push my base-pace.I try and stay at 80% max HRT on tempo runs, so pretty intense.

Tempo runs are an excellent way for runners to build speed and strength. Your run should be a steady effort level, usually just a little slower than your 10k race pace. Tempo runs help you develop your anaerobic or lactate threshold, which is critical for running faster.

Avg Hrt: 142 Max: 181 Cals:916

I decided to post the regular version and a beginner version but either should be adjusted to your ability. For example if your base run is 5mph,  and you look at this workout and see that the base is a 7.5mph so you are about 2.5mph slower so take the whole workout down by 2.5 mph and your effort should be the same.

Beginner Version

Today I did this workout twice…once before I lifted and then again after I lifted Biceps/Back. I love to break-up my cardio between weight training. I get nice and warm but still have enough focus and energy to lift then end with another session of cardio.


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