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Monday Fit Workout

This workout I’ve been doing every Friday and lovin it! I love how you decrease your reps and increase your weight, its challenging, fun, and exciting. If your trying to fit in some cardio to, try and do 2-5 minutes of cardio in-between sets. I promise you feel like you worked hard and accomplished a ton after you do this workout! Have fun and as always get nice sweaty ;0

Great motivation for losing fat :)

Monday Fit Workout

I did this bicep workout today, it kicked my butt! There were some new moves I’ve never done before. I really liked the drag curls, it forced you to have your bicep contracted. By the end of this workout I was toast, just the way I like it ;)


Monday Fit Workout

Upper Body #1

This is a GREAT upper body workout. A good way to get started lifting weights is to focus on upper body exercises one day and lower body exercises the next. Perform each exercise 10 x’s then rest for 20 seconds and repeat it 3 x’s. Super-set means to perform the exercises back-to-back, do 10 skull-crushers then immediately perform 10 narrow grip bench presses, then rest 20 seconds and repeat 3 x’s. I have added links at the bottom of examples of each exercise. GIVE IT TRY!

P.s. I will post the lower body that goes with this next Monday ;)

seated DB shoulder press          skull-crusher          narrow grip bench press          DB lateral raises         cable chest flys

rear delt cable flys          wide grip lat pulldown          alternating DB curls          bicycle crunches





Monday Fit Workout

Medley Circuit

I did this workout Friday after lifting Chest and Triceps. Time flew by before I knew it the workout was over, I was a sweaty mess and I had burned a gazillion calories. I love workouts that don’t seem like work but in the end you know you’ve worked your butt off (literally ;). Jump roping is a great way to mix up your cardio routine not to mention it’s a full body workout. I love to change what I do when I jump rope to add variety and spice. Have fun getting nice and sweaty!

Jump Rope


1. Do you ever jump rope?

2. Whats your favorite piece of equipment to perform cardio on?

Monday Fit Workout


Cardio-love it or hate it? Honestly, I love cardio! This is a fun HITT workout done on the treadmill. Pick any speed you want on the treadmill, I usually pick a running pace. Run for 40 seconds and hop off. Durning those 20 seconds of ‘rest’ increase the incline by 1 percent. Continue this pattern: 40 on 20 off, increasing the incline by 1 each ‘rest’ period all the way until you’re at an incline of 15 percent. Then work your way back down until you’re at an incline of 0 percent again. It will kill you but you will feel SO good when you have accomplished it! And it’s one of those HITT routines that you don’t really have to think with or keep track of anything, just make sure you move the incline each time you hop off!

I love this!

Monday Fit Workout

Go Outside

I’m SO tired of working out indoors…it felt amazing feeling the hot sun beat on my skin and the air blow through my hair. Zac and I did a metric century ride in St. George, Utah this Saturday. All I can say is I might be moving in the near future. It was gorgeous! Sixty-five degrees, no wind, and gorgeous scenery. So my challenge to you is get out! I know most of us live where its still a bit chilly. Bundle up and get out, I promise you won’t regret it. Here are a few ideas: snow skiing, sledding with kids, take a hike, ice skating, snow-show, skate-ski (I really wanna try this), cross-country ski, go for a walk, the list goes on and on. Fresh air is so good for the mind and soul. Have fun and let me know what you do.



1. What is your favorite outdoor activity?
2. Have you started any activities outside yet, if so what?
3. How cold is it where you live?

Monday Fit Workout

Circuit w/ABs

My favorite way to exercise is circuits. There are SO many advantages to circuit training. My two favorite are; you never get bored and second it keeps you heart rate high the whole time.

I generally lift 4 days a week, Monday-Thursday and on Fridays I try and do a full body circuit to switch things up a bit and keep it exciting. I rarely train my Abs I’m a believer that Abs are made in the kitchen, but every once an while I like to work them over (once or twice a month).

I did this circuit last Friday followed by this 10 minute plank workout…boy did it kick my butt. This workout is great because it can be shortened, modified and changed according to the different type of equipment you have available. Give it a try!

Go tell you can't. Go when you can!

Feel the Burn!














Questions: (answer by leaving a comment)

1.Whats your favorite way to train?

2. Are you going to give it a try? ;)


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